User-friendly, SEO- and Performance-Optimized Extensions
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FMJ-Banners Supercharger

FMJ-Banners Supercharger extends the default Joomla Banner system, providing Banner SEO, a lot more flexibility and less hassle. Supercharge your banners by opening their links on the same tab or a new one, based on automatic internal/external link detection.

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FMJ Tag Cloud PRO

FMJ-TagCloud provides flexible Tag Clouds with Joomla and/or K2 Tags. Choose between two Cloud Generators and two Tag Sources. You can even combine Tag Sources. Expandable, by using Event Triggers.

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FMJ Blank View

Free Extension! An efficient Blank View Component for the case when you only have modules on your page. Gone with the wasteful "Featured Articles" menu item types. FMJ Blank Views come with five different optimized blank views.