Today, I am very happy to announce the launch of this website which officially starts this additional new venture of mine.

FMJTools will be producing high quallity Joomla Tools - mainly Extensions.


FMJTools is launching with two great Extensions for Joomla Websites.

  • FMJ-Banners Supercharger - which is a great addition to Joomla Banners! FMJ-Banners Supercharger will make Joomla Bannes SEO Friendly and also provide automatic link target options for the Banner links. No more retsrictions to specific modules as link targets are concerned. With all that it provides a lot of sensible defaults and flexible and overridable options, down to each banner item. Check it out, here!
  • FMJ-TagCloud - which is a highly flexible and customizable TagCloud Module! It allows multiple Tagsources. That means that you can include tags from Joomla and K2 in the same module if you wish. It also sports two TagCloud Generators in its first Version, giving you the choice of using either jQCloud or a slightly modified Version of WordCloud2. It has a lot of little goodies and features, like tag source presets and tag source category inclusion/exclusion. Find out more about FMJ-TagCloud here!


Stay tuned for more!

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