FMJ Tag Cloud PRO - 1 Year Subscription

FMJ-TagCloud provides flexible Tag Clouds with Joomla and/or K2 Tags

€ 15,00

FMJ-TagCloud PRO provides flexible Tag-Clouds with Joomla and/or K2 Tags

See the FMJ-TagCloud PRO Demo Page


Version 2.0.0 is out. Read the blog post and download it. 


  • Choice of which Cloud Generator to use - jQCloud or WordCloud2.
  • Ability to use Joomla or K2 Tags
  • Ability to combine both Joomla and K2 Tags in one Tag Cloud
  • Ability to select specific Joomla content types
  • Flexible category filtering on K2-Tag sources
  • Very flexible selection types and selection time-periods
  • Flexible weight calculation modes for tags, or static weight definitions
  • Dynamic weight multipliers for each tag source
  • Configurable SEF URI regular expression-replacement option for K2 tags
  • Optimized and configurable server-side caching mechanism with flexible caching styles
  • Optional AJAX Tag Feed. This enables separation of caching of the pages and the data produced for the tag cloud.
  • Optional Client AJAX Client-Cache mechanism for the Tag Feed
  • Separate Profiling option with minimum user-group selection for viewing profiling information
  • Well-documented configuration options
  • Hassle-free default settings! In most cases, users probably will not need to change many settings.
  • Performance optimized code! The module avoids unnecessary database calls, as well as unnecessary code execution as much as possible. For the end-user this means faster response times as well as saving cpu cycles and energy, which helps the environment.



  • Joomla 3.6 or newer
  • PHP 5.6 or newer
  • jQuery (Joomla shipped or newer)



  • GPLv2 or later






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